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Arvind Kejriwal: He came, saw, failed to conquer and fell flat

By Shubham
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Arvind Kejriwal's circus comes to end. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader has taken politics to not only a new low, but he even made it a farce. An unthinkable farce. And see the man and his followers. They think the Congress and BJP jointly opposed them and were responsible for the downfall of the Kejriwal-led government for the 'honest' leadership had no other way. What a terrific gesture to the gallery!

Took help of constitution to rise to power and then betrayed it!

But the fact remains that the AAP tried to do something absurd by challenging the constitutional groundings of India's parliamentary democracy. Kejriwal exposed his little understanding of the constitution by trying to single-handedly pass his pet Jan Lokpal Bill without taking care of the rules and procedures. And yet, he seeks sympathy from the people after trying the impossible and sinking without a trace!

If Kejriwal has no regard for the constitution, then why did he contest the election in December last year? He contested the polls under the electoral rules, was sworn in as the chief minister under national capital territory rules of 1991, was offered security by the State as per the traditions etc. etc. But after taking the constitutional route to power, Kejriwal decided to ignore the same constitution and began to challenge the same system which helped him rise. What a fantastic politician is this man named Arvind Kejriwal.

Hollow honesty doesn't pay

Kejriwal claimed throughout that he is honest and fights against corruption. But he doesn't know how to build up a consistent and sound institutional fight against an institutional problem called corruption. He basically took up a popular agenda of corruption and rode on the media wave to make a stunning appearance on the horizon of Indian politics so that he could take the easiest route to fame to hijack all credibility from the veteran activist, Anna Hazare, who kicked off what looked a promising fight against corruption.

Kejriwal has ruined prospects of all serious anti-establishment movements

Kejriwal is no leader. He is an average citizen of this country who feels frustrated with the problems prominent in Indian system. He took the opportunity to rise to the occasion and found the strong anti-incumbent mood prevailing in the country suitable for his cause. But once he failed to see himself transforming into an able administrator from a street agitator to get things done, the dream was gone.

Squandered a mandate: What was Kejriwal thinking?

It is surprising to see how a man who got a large section of the electorate expressing hope on him, ruined everything he could, including the faith that people had on him. But it was actually coming. For there was no vision to do silent work for the betterment. The Kejriwals and Somnath Bhartis were running as if there is no tomorrow and when they landed in the blind lanes of politics, there was a desperate hunt for a escape route. Jan Lokpal came to his rescue.

The AAP still thinks that it will come with more seats in case Delhi goes to polls again. Do the wise voters of Delhi prefer an unstable mind over a corrupt one? It is for them to decide.

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