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Arunima lost to cancer, but clinged on to spirit of life – till the end


Thiruvananthapiram, May 2: Cancer is one of the most feared diseases, and most of those afflicted by it are consumed more by dread and hopelessness, than the disease itself. It takes courage, immense grit and a strong mind to merely stand up to it and accept the fact that 'I have cancer', leave alone facing it with a smile. But Arunima Rajan, a 25-year-old woman from Pathanamthitta, Kerala, who passed away on Tuesday, not only faced cancer with a smile, but set an example to others afflicted by the dreaded disease by proving that even limited time left in life can indeed be lived to the fullest.

Image courtesy – Instagram/ arunimarajan

When Arunima was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer at the age of 25, she, like most who are told about it, was first shocked. One can only imagine what she might have felt because even those who know a thing or two about cancer are aware that if the disease is in the first or second stage, there are chances of cure, but in fourth the odds are very very slim.

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"I was first shocked. But then, I decided to fight back. When a person is detected with cancer, it's like their life has come to an end. But I was sure that I would recover," these were her words as quoted by the Newsminute.

Then she came to terms with the reality which is indeed laudable given that the doctors had apparently given her two months. Arunima not only came to terms with the disease but also became an ambassador of how to positively face the disease and not look at the dread as the end of the road.

The biggest wonder of all was how she discovered she could draw so well, after being diagnosed with the disease, the Newsminute report says.

Enduring the pain of chemotherapy or rather to find a way to cope up with agony, Arunima began drawing. So beautiful were her drawings, that she conducted an exhibition of them. The colours that used and strokes of the brush were appreciated, well received, for what they were and because of sympathy that people generally show towards cancer patients.

One of Arunimas paintings

Sympathy was not what patients wanted from those around them, she had said at the 'Kerala Can' programme in Manorama News.

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In the program, she spoke on how to look at life positively while undergoing treatment. She also advised the family members of those fighting cancer about how they should help patients.

One of Arunimas paintings ( Image courtesy – Instagram/ arunimarajan)

Now that she is not with us in this world, her positive energy and the way she took on a dreaded adversary with a smile, inspiring countless others like her, would always be remembered.

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