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After China-Pakistan bonhomie, India rushes to Nepal faster than ever


A lot has been said in the Indian media and observers' circles about the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pakistan and the two countries' cementing their old friendship further. India's foreign policy brains were undoubtedly thinking about what the two hostile neighbours would come up with challenging India when disaster struck Nepal. [Follow updates on Nepal earthquake: Day 3]

Every crisis in an opportunity: India learned in Nepal

The alacrity with which the Narendra Modi government reached out to Nepal at its hour of extreme crisis shows how much significance New Delhi attached to the opportunity to reach out to the northern neighbour, which is often seen as a strategic lever in a traditional power game versus the Chinese. [After Bhutan, it's Nepal: PM Modi's sytematic approach vis-a-vis China]

Nepal: India's reply to China-Pak bond

India's record-time response to Nepal disaster

The Indian government responded to the disaster in Nepal in a record time on Saturday and sped up the momentum even more on Sunday. Modi, who has visited Nepal twice within a year of becoming the prime minister, brought the entire focus of the government on the Himalayan nation soon after the disaster struck. [Nepal earthquake: What can you do]

The Indian prime minister vowed to stand by the distressed people of Nepal in a radio programme. For New Delhi, it is very important to stay ahead over China in an intense war of nerves. [Pak-China will fight terrorism together, says Nawaz Sharif]

New Delhi did not want to let go an opportunity to bridge gap with Nepal

The massive human and relief help that India has sent to Nepal is aimed at dealing with China's growing influence in various countries across South Asia and Africa. Beijing has already donated currency worth Rs 21 crore for Nepal's rebuilding and sent rescue team to Kathmandu.

New Delhi suspects that the Chinese will use this crisis in Nepal as an opportunity to cement its strategic base in the country. For India, such a development is not welcome.

Nepal has always played a balancing game between India and China

Nepal has always played a balancing card between India and China for its own benefit. Particularly since the fall of the monarchy, Nepal's politics has seen unstable times, making both its bigger neighbours to attach more importance to Kathmandu's health.

India was once apprehensive about the Maoists' rise to power in Kathmandu for that could have brought them closer to Beijing and increase China's influence in the Himalayan region.

China has increased its aide to Nepal by several times over the last one decade

China has increased its aid for Nepal by 15 times over the last one decade. It has given massive aide to the police and the army of the country while Nepal's markets have been flooded with Chinese toys. These have worked in favour of the Chinese and against India's interests.


PM Modi reached out to Bhutan and Nepal first before any other country

The Narendra Modi government, soon after coming to power, visited the two Himalayan nations of Bhutan and Nepal to tackle China's designs from the word go. The latest quake has given New Delhi an opportunity to work on Modi's plans to counter Beijing in South Asia.

Are Islamabad and Beijing watching?

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