In times of election: Manifesto-style speaks volume

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Bangalore, May 4: Election time is a time to make up big, bold promises as well as remind the 'common wo/man' what the party did for her. Well, if you have been following the election fever, in the city, then you may have had a dekho at the political party manifestos. If you haven't had a chance, check out their manifestos here.
Less than a day to go to the polling booth, we look at the manifestos of - Congress, BJP, JD(S), Loksatta and Karnataka Jantha Paksha, to understand their presentation style quotient.

Congress: one of the oldest political parties of the country, could surely do better as their manifesto reads like a long, boring book. And, if you keep aside the national icons - Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and the 'youth leader' Rahul Gandhi, there is hardly a recognisable face.

While it isn't a secret that the party is struggling to get a candidate to be the "face of the party" at the state level, it is more accentuated in their manifesto.

BJP: is the ruling party in the state and while they may be labelled the most corrupt in the history of the states' politics, they do a somewhat better job at bringing out a manifesto that has some structure to help guide the reader.

Choose from your area of interest or concern, it surely makes for much easy a read. Albeit a tad-bit too brochure-like.

The plus - photographs, that bring to prominance - you and me - the people that the party wants to govern. A tad better than the border head approach of the Congress.

JD(S):Interestingly, it is the only political party to have two separate manifestos, one for the Bangalore janta and then the rest of the state as a whole. And their tone is of a boss. A bit much, but if you ask me, they got gumption to actually get away with that tone.

Especially, the menu-like presentation at the on-set, acting as a "reminder" the janta what all was accomplished in their rule. With pictures. Now, that is a plus, because doesn't a picture speak a 1000 words? The structure is much cleaner, than that of BJP's.

What really does it for me is that JD(S) even employed a bit of humour! Really, some of the promises (suggestions) can find your funny bone and tickle them too.

Loksatta: Keeps it short and sweet. And since they "guarantee" progress they have segregated the manifesto in terms of progress in these spheres - economic, social, cultural, and governance. The best part is it's KISS (keep it short, silly) approach. Works without confusing, although it sure is a bit vague in places.

Karnataka Janatha Paksha: Reads bulky, without a single image it is tedious on the eyes. However, if you do manage to scroll to page 9, that's where they get your attention - with water, food, housing the top three pointers in their manifesto.

Promising voters a better future is part of the political drama. Therefore, the effort taken to present a manifesto that appeals the masses is that much more important.

People may not read it word-for-word, but it shows how much willing the party is to reach-out to the voter. It is, after all, the first step towards helping "educate" the masses to choose a better candidate.

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