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Brinda Karat, Narendra Modi & 'Puppy' controversy

By Super
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Unfortunately for politicians like Brinda Karat and those in Congress, unless they use the big word ‘Except' their politics does not survive. In short, unless they divide, they are not in a position to rule. They are amazed, puzzled and confused when someone says that every form of life is valued; even a puppy.

Congress, and the people like Brinda are not concerned over Puppy except as a symbol of divisiveness. There are two set of words used in the discourse under discussion.

One is ‘Puppy' and the other is ‘Human Being'. Unfortunately, they are finding the word ‘puppy' to be more conducive in their divisive designs. That's why their love for ‘puppy'. Not an inherent love for the same.

Karat and Modi

It is surprising that such senior politicians of the country are unaware of other riots which took place in the country, including the anti-Sikh riots.

It is the same law and order machinery of the land, it is the same judiciary of the land and it is the same Law of the land. If they fail in Delhi, it is natural.

If Gujarat machinery tries its best against the very high and raging sentiments, it becomes a design.
By now, it is also clear that these elements and politicians want their own version of justice.

They have no faith in the Judiciary of the country including the Apex Court. The apex court and the SIT appointed and monitored by it, have gone threadbare into the allegations against the Gujarat Government and the Chief Minister.

They have not found any major omission or commission. However, these elements are not resting till their agenda is fulfilled.

They are trying to further fuel the controversy by fresh lies like ‘the post-mortem of the Godhra victims on a railway platform in full public view'.

It is nothing but a total and mischievous lie. Where was congress party or their workers, where was Brinda Karat or her cadres, when the unclaimed bodies of Kar Sevaks including women and children were being cremated.

Why did they not come forward to help and claim badly charred and unidentifiable human bodies. Was it because these deaths did not move them? Or it was because it does not serve their vote bank politics unless a ‘human being' is set against a ‘puppy'.

Gujarat doesn't need to learn lessons from Brinda Karat in the field of social development. Everyone knows that it serves their political purpose to pick holes in Gujarat's development story which is quite well established.

However, it is amazing why they don't ask such questions to Congress: why has the country remained undeveloped, illiterate and undernourished after sixty years of congress rule.

Will Brinda Karat and her party's model of development practiced in West Bengal for 34 years is what this country wants today? Can they be proud of their 34 years rule and Human Development achieved in West Bengal by Left Front Govt. The truth is they and their ideology have been out rightly rejected by the people worldwide.

Just few months back, they do not even spared West Bengal Chief Minister and Finance Minister who had come to Planning Commission to discuss the plans of their State for the betterment of West Bengal.

Why Brinda Karat is not demanding an inquiry by CBI or a specially constituted SIT for the murder of their own cadres like TP Chandrashekar in Malabar region of Kerala allegedly by their own cadres? Does it require any reminder that her own partymen were found boasting around for killing their own leader?

Brinda Karat must understand the present petition being heard by the Court in Ahmedabad regarding Zakia Jafri petition. It is as per the direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court which said that an opportunity should be given to the applicants before the case is finally disposed off and SIT has thoroughly analysed the voluminous records which have been collected by them before giving a clean chit to Modi.

It would have been more appropriate if she would have taken pains to go through these issues in details before writing this article as a respectable politician. The report of SIT itself will answer most of her questions.

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