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Why can't India produce Gold medallists at Olympics?


Here are a few reasons why Indians fare badly at Olympics when compared to other countries like Grenada which has a population of 110,000!

Gold Medal at Olympics

Where are we lacking is one big question that leaves everyone pondering?

Guess the 'Chalta hai' attitude in everything has spoiled everyone. Take any issue and the way Indians compromise is something that is very hard to digest for disciplinarians.

When it comes to sports, Indians think of the events played at Olympics as games played for fun, while kids aged 5 or 6 are trained to win a gold medal in China and other countries.

By the time we spot the talent in kids, they would be in their teens and when they are serious about taking up the same as their profession, there are quite a few clashes at home and society as kids need basic education and cannot compromise with education just to concentrate on their sporting ambitions.

Moreover, the kind of facilities that the nation provides for kids who are interested in making a career in sports are below par.

If that was not enough, parents pose a threat to children and their sporting career as they are concerned about their kids' future.

Moreover, parents want their kids to become masters in all sports and put them to skating, football, swimming, cricket, gymnastics, karate, badminton, table tennis, tennis and never allow the kids to think what he/she likes and whether they are interested in playing sports.

Juggling with different sports is another big issue, which doesn't provide enough time for kids to get accustomed to the game.

While the main culprit is the craze of cricket that makes any kid to take up coaching for the game, though they aren't successful at playing for district level or State level. They focus a lot on the game and when there is a need to concentrate and utilise the opportunities to make it big in the field, they are forced to apply breaks, as education needs to be given the first priority.

How many of us can remember the names of the event played at Olympics and how it is played? Awareness about the games is a must, which is missing and this in turn may pose threat to the future as India needs to train more kids in order to be successful at the international level.

There are stories on how these Olympians have made it to that level, for instance, the Keralite Irfan Thodi who finished tenth in the 20M Walk faced a lot of difficulties to buy shoes, being a son of a daily wager and the government gave a damn to a potential medal winner, who could have won a medal for India provided better facilities.

While Irfan's case is just an example, there are many such sports persons who are capable of winning medals, but they are not encouraged and provided with the basic facilities during training.

With such careless people around, who hardly give importance to the country and its pride, and the government which doesn't care about funding such games and sports persons, India can never think of winning more medals at Olympics!

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