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Mr CM, Karnataka wants Bihar style of governance

By Mahesh Bg

Last week has been eventful for media companies, especially the TV channels, they have been ranting away on the scams in India. One gets an ear pain with their high pitch ranting.

BJP got into power for the first time in a Southern State, that seems to be the only qualification and defence of Karnataka's CM BS Yeddyurappa. Even before he could warm up his seat in 2008 his alliance partner HD Kumaraswamy pulled the chair.

The citizens of Karnataka, very few of whom vote, were upset and BSY came back to power because of the sympathy wave.

BSY promised to give a clean government. From the series of scams it appears only the government coffers have been systematically "cleaned". In Twitter language we call this #FAIL.

On Wednesday, Nov 24, he managed to hold on to his slippery chair. This adds another feather to his 'great escapes cap'. The mining Reddy brothers, part of BJP itself, have been trying to dig a big hole right under the CM's chair. One must give it to him for fighting tooth and nail to hold on to this seat.

Going by the 'great escapes' article does the BJP realize how much of the CM's time has gone only towards saving his seat? Governance in Karnataka, to put it mildly, is zilch.

The central leadership of BJP (which is called the 'High Command' in Congress) has not shown any leadership in overseeing the performance of their only government in South.

On Nov 24, Nitish "Mr Clean" Kumar, took central stage by getting a thumping victory in the state of Bihar. All six phases of polling went peacefully. Biharis showed they cared for development and not caste based politics.

With this election result all jokes on Bihar and Biharis need to stop. It is no longer a laughing matter, rather we got to learn from Bihar on how to vote. Yes, Bihar has a long way to go on solving power, water problem but Nitish Kumar inherited a state which was in shambles.

Karnataka residents now want real governance in Karnataka. BSY on Nov 24 has yet again promised to concentrate on real development of the state and then he will work on finishing his political opponents.

BSY needs to travel all across Bangalore and take note of the bad state of roads. It is shameful to call Bangalore the 'Silicon Valley of India', all we have are 'valleys' on our roads. Wonder what is the progress on Global Investor Meet MoUs.

Mr CM, please try to see what your peers Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar have done for their own states. If Bihar can have good governance, why can"t Karnataka? From the media exposure of all scams one can safely say you have enough wealth. Can we have some 'clean' governance please?

If you are not aware, you ought to know, many in Karnataka feel the governance under HD Kumarswamy was stable and better. Now, that should get you to pull up your socks and govern.

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