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Fact check: Can aspirin cure COVID-19


New Delhi, Oct 31: There is a claim being made on a WhatsApp forward that Coronavirus is a bacterial and can be cured with Aspirin.

It is claimed that it is not a virus and a bacteria that is causing death. It leads to formation of blood clots and results in the death of the patient. Further, it says that Germany has defeated COVID-19. And the way to deal with it is to take antibiotics. First of all Asprin, the viral forward also claims.

Fact check: Can aspirin cure COVID-19

This is a fake claim. First of all it has been established that COVID-19 is a virus. Moreover, there is no cure as of now for it. Several companies are still in the trial stage of testing the vaccine. Some companies have claimed that there could be a vaccine available by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

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However, there is a study published in the journal, Anesthesia and Analgesia that suggests that taking a low dose aspirin could potentially, possibly may have a benefit when it comes to sever coronavirus infections. The study says that those who had received aspirin during this time period ended up being 43 per cent less likely to end up in the intensive care unity. 44 per cent were less likely to have been placed on mechanical ventilation and 47 per cent less likely to have died in hospital.

However, bear mind that there are various limitations to this study. Such studies can show associations or correlation. Moreover, correlation do not mean causation.

Fact Check


Coronavirus is a bacteria and can be cured with aspirin.


Coronavirus is a virus with no medication available yet.


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