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Media objectivity, a thing of past?

Written by: Deepak K Nambiar

Why media is always inclined towards either Congress or Communists? I feel like all media firms are financed by Congress otherwise why they are constantly making issues regarding Nitish kumar joining Congress? Media is the one responsible for creating confusion in states where there is good developmental work is going on and delivering development since last three years.

Does the Media want to bring down the developing states again to poor condition? Media even made the whole situation of Mumbai terror attacks a mockery, by giving a live telecast. What sort of journalism is these channels are preaching. Where did the Journalism ethics go?

Is NDTV & CNN IBN interested only in destabilizing the BJP ruled states by exposing unwanted topics like Modi's PM aspiration, Nitish joining Congress, while the Bihar CM is constantly refusing to ally with Congress. Is Barka Dutt & Rajdeep Sardesai trying to make confusion in stable Governments or are they trying to make a government of their own interest or are they mocking the ordinary people.

Why Channel people are giving so much importance to Left party leaders like Prakash Karat, Sitaram Yechuri & co. and why not Mulayam, Nitish, Mayawathi whose parties are having more number of Lok Sabha seats when compared to Left? Is it because these leaders are not 'Convent educated'?

Left parties which merely has 40 LS seats are given so much importance in live TV shows than BJP which which is having a 140 plus Ls seats. Is media worried about the good performance of BJP ruled states? Or is that your journalists cannot see the poverty in left ruled states like Bengal and Kerala?

Media should decide their strategy to reach out to people and help them. This should be media's ethics of Journalism, not to give unwanted importance and images to the left leaders who are destroying their states. How these channel peoples shut their eyes and try to destabilize good governments of BJP, is it not Barka & Co.'s responsibility to highlight corruption and poor development and poverty in Bengal & Tripura ? Please don't try to fool the public, only by highlighting issues of BJP ruled states. In other words these media are much hazardous than a tainted politician.

Last but not least, don't believe that by conducting a debate session with some convent educated people on a topic in a centralized AC room and by airing some jargons in English won't become sound journalism. For that media should get down to the grass root level to the common man and understand their issues and find way to resolve it irrespective of party or Governments and that is the right ethics of Journalism.

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