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Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

By Anuj Cariappa
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Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government has allocated USD 300,000 that is Rs 2.50 crores for setting up Tamil literature at the University of Houston in the US. Looks like Stalin is taking advanced steps to expand Tamil throughout the world.

DMK donates for the growth of Tamil

The DMK was not in power when efforts were made to set up a Tamil chair at Harvard University in the US. But the opposition leader M K Stalin donated Rs 1 crore on behalf of the DMK.

Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

Subsequently, the DMK gave Rs 10 lakh to the University of Toronto when an attempt was made to establish a similar Tamil chair at the University of Toronto. Harvard University has seats for the world's oldest languages such as Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Persian, Sanskrit and Chinese. An equivalent Tamil seat is required for Rs 33 crore to be set up here. Hence, the fundraising moment started all over the world.

This gave Tamil the respect it deserves in the world's highest universities such as Harvard and Toronto. At present, the Government of Tamil Nadu has provided financial assistance for the construction of a Tamil chair in Houston.

We need to know -

  • What does it mean to set up a Tamil chair in places that are the best universities in the world?
  • What can be achieved through it?

Therefore, we spoke to retired IAS officer K Balachandran to understand this.

Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

How did yoga gain international attention?

He had served as additional chief secretary in the West Bengal government. The additional news is that he donated Rs 50 lakh from his pension money for setting up Tamil chairs at Harvard and Toronto universities.

"Yoga has been there in India for 3,000 years but the essence of Yoga did not reach the world. In the 1960s, Harvard University Started yoga practices. In the study, they wrote, 'It is a tool that produces energy for the body, mind, and brain alike'. Having said this, countries like the US and Israel have made yoga compulsory in some areas. As soon as Harvard said it, the whole world gave it importance. That's the power of Harvard University," says Balachandran.

Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

Speaking to us further, he said, "Tamil is an applied language. We can still read and understand the Tamil style written 2000 years ago. But English, written eight centuries ago, is difficult to understand today. When a university like Harvard says that it explores the antiquity and glory of the Tamil language, the concept will spread to many other countries.

It can also get international attention when a Tamil chair is set up at Harvard and Houston.

The Tamils who dominated the maritime trade

"Only three races rule commercially in the Indian Ocean. One, the Tamils. Second, the Chinese, Third, the Persians.

Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

But today, if there has been an international study of the history of Tamils, there is no university apart from Tamil Nadu that has the recognition for Tamil.

If we know how Tamils have been able to do this business in the past, we will be able to understand what efforts should be taken to carry out such an international business in the future. Therefore, it is a need for research on it. I hope the Tamil seats of the university will pay off for that," says K Balachandran.

He is an advisor to the Tamil Chair of the University of Houston. In this context, we have asked for some more clarifications on the funds provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu to the University of Houston.

Tamil trade in the international market

"I went to the University of Houston three years ago. Then I met the dean of the university. The Houston Tamil Sangam executives were keen to 'study bhakti literature'.

I said, Along with ' studying bhakti literature, they can also learn about the maritime trade of the Tamils," Economics is the basis of everything. Valluvar says, 'There is no such world for those who do not have that world, and for those who are material, there is no world.'

There, many people talk about Arulilaaru. No one talks about what comes into it. Therefore, the economy is very important, and it should be examined how the Tamils were economically influential at that time.

Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

This view was endorsed by the dean of the university. So, how did the Tamils succeed in maritime trade 2,000 years ago? With that experiential knowledge, how should Tamils create international trade in the future?'

Pepper was the world trade of the Tamils at that time. They gave pepper and received gold by weight. The Tamils exported pearls, pepper, peacock Wing, rice, teak and many more. As today, 'What should we take to the international market? Let's analyze the international market for what is the demand and what can be exported from India. This has also been accepted by the Houston Tamil Chair Committee."

Next, we spoke to a Tamil writer who had worked on the Tamil chair of the University of Warsaw in Poland.

"Anna had gone to the US in 1968. Anna was given the status of 'Sub Fellow' for a week at Yale University. He also conducted classes on Thirukkural for the students of Timothy Dwight College of Yale University. He presented some copies of Thirukkural and Tholkappiyam to the college. The photo taken at that time is very popular.

Tamil Status abroad

Thus, since the time of Anna, the DMK has had connections in international academia. I have also gone to the same university where Anna went. Bernard Bate, who worked there, studied the 'Dravidian stage talks'. I met him. He has also spoken to me about Anna's visit. Many years ago, he announced that he would set up a 'Tamil Chair' at his university.

Stalin spends a wholesome of Money to spread the Tamil language worldwide!

I have also visited the University of California, where the 'Tamil Chair' where George L. Hart works is located. I have worked as the Tamil chair of the University of Warsaw in Poland. It was during the tenure of A.K. Ramanujan in Chicago that he translated Sangam literature into English and became popular all over the world.

The government's efforts to bring the Tamil language to many universities internationally are important. Thereby, the international light will fall on us. We need that attention. At the same time, the Government of Tamil Nadu should also investigate the extent to which the Tamil seats are functioning properly.

This is because the central government is spending crores of rupees to take the Hindi language to the international level. Today, Hindi has emerged as the 4th language in the world."

Stalin handed over a cheque of Rs 2.50 crore to its president, Chokkalingam Samkannappan and secretary Perumal Annamalai for the Seat for Tamil in Houston. We spoke to Perumal Annamalai for more information in this regard.

Keezhadi Study in Houston

"I have made several attempts with my friends during the 'Neduvasal' and 'Jallikattu' protests in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, our team has done many awareness programmes to prevent farmer suicides in India.

Continuing, while we were thinking that our whole life was dependent on struggle and that we would focus on some positive work, our focus shifted to the work related to setting up a Tamil chair at Harvard University. We are not directly involved in it. We stood in the background and helped with awareness-based work.

It was during this period that excavation work began at Keezhadi and its reports came out. Therefore, through this seat, we tried to put forward the Keezhadi and conducted a study on Tamil civilization, art and culture.

But it turned out that there were no facilities there. So, we tried to set up a seat for it. As a sign of this, our attention turned to the Tamil chair of the University of Houston.

The Houston Tamil seat was originally said to cost $3 million. Later, it was reduced to $2 million. That is, Rs 4 crores required in Indian rupees. They divided it into the first part and the second part and started raising funds. At a time when we were trying to raise 1 million, corona was at its peak and crippled the world.

Like the Harvard Tamil chair, the awareness about this could not be widely disseminated. Then, we worked hard and raised $1 million. The Government of Tamil Nadu has now contributed USD 3 00,000.

It is rs 2.5 crore in Indian rupees and we are trying to raise the remaining amount. The work will be completed next month, and the seat will be set up.

Through this chair, studies on Tamil civilization and culture will begin. We are grateful to Chief Minister Stalin for helping us by providing the tamil seat at the right time," says Perumal Annamalai.

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