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You Can Now Sell Your Unused Vouchers On CanSell

It happens to all of us almost on a daily basis. We collect shopping vouchers from multiple online and offline stores everytime we shop. Also, in the process, we end up collecting so many of them that more than often we lose track and fail to put them to good use. On expiry of the offer, we have no other option than to throw it in the trash. Sounds familiar, right?

You Can Now Sell Your Unused Vouchers On CanSell

Now imagine what if everytime you earn a voucher that's of no use to you, you could sell it off to someone who actually needs it. You could find people who are interested in buying your shopping vouchers. Thus, you not only save a good offer from going to waste but you also help someone who probably needs it more than you. You might be asking yourself whether that's even possible. Well, yes, it is possible! And making it possible is Bangalore-based startup CanSell.

The creators of CanSell has built a platform wherein you can exchange unused vouchers, which could help save money at both ends. It still seems confusing? Let us break it down for you:

How Does CanSell Work?

Selling your unused vouchers has never been any more effortless. You can easily enlist your vouchers/cards on the CanSell website with appropriate details and valid expiry date. Thereafter you will be connected to buyers via the CanSell platform, allowing you to chat, negotiate and even discuss terms and conditions of the offer, if any-everything seamlessly through the website. On one side, as it becomes the cheapest deal for the buyer, on the other, it's an absolute profit for you.

It's equally simple from a buyer's perspective as well. If you're looking for a good deal on your next shopping cart, some coupon codes or a great discount voucher might come handy. All you need to do is head to the CanSell website, browse through the "Vouchers" section, thoroughly read the description, negotiate if you want to and just pay to own it.

In case you, as a buyer, feel that the cost of the voucher cost is high, use the "Negotiate" option to reduce the price. That said, please note that the decision will be of the seller; CanSell does not intervene here. The physical vouchers will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Also, as a buyer, you are always free to raise a dispute on the purchase if the vouchers/cards are either not valid or not up to the legitimacies made in the description.

And, since all payments happen through Escrow Systems, the final amount is not transferred immediately to the seller. You, as a buyer, are given 48 hours of time to raise a dispute. In case of any other dispute, the CanSell team will always be there at your help and you can even get your entire money refunded if the dispute is resolved in your favor.

Why CanSell?

Firstly, yes selling off your unused vouchers is now that simple. You find the perfect deal just a few clicks away. Secondly, CanSell is India's first platform to simplify posting unused vouchers and making it available to people who are in need, even at the last minute. It's indeed a groundbreaker in the Indian startup arena.

So the next time you've a voucher lying uselessly in your wallet or a coupon code in your inbox, do list it up on CanSell so that someone else out there might put them to good use. Even if you're looking for the best deals in shopping, movies, sports or events, simply head to the CanSell website and search for the relevant offers; you're sure to get the best deal on the event you're looking forward to. CanSell is working across all major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi.

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