Sri Lanka Supreme Court overturns president’s order to sack parliament

Colombo, Nov 3: Sri Lanka's Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed President Maithripala Sirisena's decision to dissolve parliament until next month in a further twist in the country's political crisis.

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Sri Lanka was thrown into chaos when President Maithripala Sirisena dissolved parliament on November 9. He called for a general election in January 2019 in an unprecedented move that will likely plunge the country deeper into a constitutional crisis.

Parliament's dissolution, anticipated and mocked by many, was announced in an official gazette notification signed by Sirisena.

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After dissolving the parliament, president Sirsena, on 9 November, announced snap elections in Sri Lanka and the new parliament to be convened on 17 January.

President Sirisena suspended parliament immediately after his October 26 decision to sack Wickremesinghe, a move that was being seen as to allow Mahinda Rajapaksa to muster the 113 seats required for majority. Rajapaksa has so far won 9 defections, still short of 113 to prove his majority in the 225-member House.

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