Photographer admits he edited Trumps inauguration photos to make the crowd look bigger

Washington DC, Sep 9: Donald J Trump, the president of United States of America seems to have a knack of staying in the news for almost everyday on various topics. Though the relevancy of the topics should not be questioned. This time around reports claim that the photographs of Trump's inauguration in the year 2017 were edited to make the 'crowd look bigger'.

It is said that a US government photographer told the repoerters that he intentionally cropped the "the bottom where the crowd ended' so that it looked as though there was a huge crowd. The confession of the photographer was due to an investigation that was started after the National Park Service shared a photo caomparing the crowds that attended the inaugurations of Trump and former President Barack Obama on social media on January 20, 2017.

The identity of the photographer and many other government officials are officially withheld.

It is also reported that Donald Trump, on his first day in the office, asked for the photos of the inauguration and then held a 30 minutes 'talk' with the then-acting park service director, Michael Reynolds. Later, the photographer was called in, who manually edited the photos.

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