Under GST, BSE listed companies may go up to 10,000 in ten years

Kolkata, Sep 23 Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, the number of companies listed in BSE are expected to go up to more than 10,000 in the next ten years from the present 5,500 companies, a stock exchange official said on Friday.

"GST is an important framework. Today, there are 5,500 companies listed in the BSE. I would not be surprised in the next ten years, if more than 10,000 companies are listed in the BSE," said stock exchange's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ashish Kumar Chauhan.

He said the single tax regime would be beneficial for small entities and companies which operate across many states. It will allow many young companies to grow up very fast and bring more transparency in the system.

"Many companies at present have to fulfil regulations which are local. Under GST, their costs are expected to reduce and their profitability might go up. They find it easy to operate across India," he said at an event organised by MCC Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Speaking on investments in the stock exchange, he said, "Investments have to increase and speculations have to reduce. Presently, securities transaction tax is higher on equity. There should be less tax on investment activities and more taxes on speculative activities."


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