Tragic: MP girl dies while playing the lethal Russian roulette

New Delhi, Sep 11: In a traffic incident, a 21 year old girl in Madhya Pradesh accidentally killed herself while she was playing the Russian roulette game. The police said that she shot herself with her father's gun while playing the game live on WhatsApp.

The officer investigating the case said that she placed a single bullet in the revolver, spun the cylinder, placed the muzzle against her head, before pulling the trigger.

The girl has been identified as Karishma Yadav, a resident of Gwalior. Her parents were out of station, while her brother was at the market when the incident occurred. The girl had made a video call to a friend in Delhi. There was a single bullet in the chamber when she placed the muzzle on her temple. She said during the call, " let us try my luck."

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When her brother returned, he found her lying in a pool of blood. He rushed her to the hospital, but she was declared dead 72 hours after her admission.

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