Success Story Of Abu Baker

Abu Baker, a 6-month old baby was born with a congenital heart defect. In order to get well, this baby had to undergo a number of surgeries. However, as Abu's father could not afford to pay for these surgeries, the little boy suffered in pain every day. Here is when Oneindia came into the picture. The crowdfunding platform of Oneindia helped raise money for Abu Baker's surgery and save his life. An amount of Rs. 4.2 lakhs was raised and Abu's surgery was made possible.

6-month-old Abu was bearing way too much pain at a very young age. He would wail in pain every time he was fed, stay up on most nights crying due to his high fevers and would turn blue due to his condition. It was a heartbreaking sight no parent could endure.

Born with a congenital heart defect, baby Abu Baker's health was deteriorating each day and despite unusual efforts from his family, they were unable to pay for his treatment.

Abu needed a series of surgeries. The first one had to be carried out urgently. Abu's family gathered everything they had. His father earned only Rs. 10,000 per month and drained all his savings and valuables in paying Rs. 3 lakhs for his first surgery.

Having no funds left, Abu Baker suffered as his next surgery kept getting delayed. Hopeless, his father started a fundraiser on And then, things turned around.

Hundreds of people came forward to help Baby Abu and his family raise Rs. 4.2 lakhs for his next surgery and treatment!

Abu had his surgery on 26 June 2018 and was discharged in good health on 6 July 2018. Abu Baker is now recovering. He is growing up to be a healthy child and will need regular checkups for a year to make sure he has completely recovered.

"We had no support from anyone. We asked for help everywhere possible but our friends and relatives couldn't offer any help. I am thankful to the readers of Oneindia and to each and every donor without whom, Abu couldn't have been saved." - Abu Baker's mother.

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