R-Day: Tejas headlines display of Indian Air Force might in ceremonial flypast

India is celebrated its 68th Republic Day on Thursday. The day was marked by a grand parade, which included a show of India's aerial strength personified by several IAF aircraft booming through the skies, in the national capital, New Delhi.

An new addition to this year's ceremonial flypast, which concludes the event, was the light combat aircraft Tejas. Indigenously produced, this aircraft zipped through the skies at an astonishing 780 kmph.

A look then at India's aerial might.


Five Jaguar fighter planes fly over Rajpath, on the occasion of the 68th Republic Day Parade 2017.

Choppers overhead

Three IAF MI-17 attack helicopters in an inverted Y formation in the skies over Rajpath.

Angels on our shoulders

A lone C-17 Globemaster plane flies over Rajpath during the flypast which concludes the Republic Day parade.

Skyward bound

Three SU-30 MKI fighter planes rip through the skies as they zip through during the ceremonial flypast.

One for all, all for one

Indian Air Force fighter jets fly over Rajpath as part of the 68th Republic Day festivities.

Eye in the sky

The Airborne Early Warning and Control System is a force multiplier, developed by DRDO for IAF with Centre for Air Borne Systems as nodal agency.

Five for fighting

Five MiG-29 Fighter Planes zoom above Rajpath during the flypast which concludes the 68th Republic Day parade.

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