Ram Madhav says detection, deletion and deportation only solution to illegal immigration issue

New Delhi, Sep 10: For the safety, security and distinct identity of the people Assam and the country, preparing National Citizenship Register (NRC) for the entire country is the only solution. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Assam has published the draft report and intends to take it to the logical conclusion.

While speaking to a programme organised by Ram Bhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Bharatiya Janata Party national general secretary Ram Madhav said that this problem is very old and 1950 the then Prime minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru constituted Immigration Expulsion From Assam Act but nothing has happened on this because of the lake of political and vote bank policy. But the immediate trigger for the demand of NRC was when there was a 70,000 increase in the votes of Mangaldoi Lok Sabha constituency in just one year from 1977 to 19778 when by-election took place there.

Madhav said that in this Act had paragraph that said people prosecuted people from the neighbouring countries will not be covered under this Act. But nothing has been done in this regard but if the BJP does anything on this, it is questioned. NRC prepared by the Assam government in the supervision of Supreme Court of India is the most transparent, scientific and unbiased and even there are lots of recourse available afterward. So there is no need for anyone to panic. The population of Assam in past 70 year grew over 350 per cent while in case of India it was around 150 per cent. So detection, deletion and deportation is the only solution.

Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that the government was working in a very right manner. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a land swap agreement with Bangladesh only them the fencing was made possible to stop infiltration as border demarcation has been made possible. But the most important thing is that NRC must be done in the entire country without that it will defeat the purpose of the very exercise done in Assam. The people not finding their name in the list will go the friendly state and the problem will remain intact.

Rajya Sabha MP and vice president of the BJP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said that the problem of infiltration by illegal migrants is spread across the country they are not only settled in the reserve forest of Kanziranga but in the forest and hills in outskirts of Mumbai where they attacked the police.

Madhav said some people objected to the number of 40 lakh people not finding their name in the NRC list but in 1995 the then Union minister PM Sayeed told Parliament that infiltrators are coming to India from Bangladesh. Communist Party leader Indrajit Gupta told the number around one crore. But due to political compulsion and vote bank politics no one touched them. So much so that the same Mamata Banerjee who opposed Bangladeshi infiltrator in 2005 in Parliament is now defending them to save her government in the state.

Ram Madhav outlined Clause 6 of the Assam Accord in which it is clearly mentioned that why and how it is required. So to save cultural, social, political, linguistic and other identities it is required to be done. TMC MPs did not allow BJP president to speak in the Rajya Sabha on the issue.

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