PM likely to address issue of resentment against SC/ST Act in National Executive

New Delhi, Sep 7: The two-day national executive of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will have a very clear stand on the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act as there is a huge resentment among the upper cast community on the issue. So much so that some of the leaders belonging to the upper caste community have come out in open to speak against it.

Sources said that on the issue of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act has complicated the situation for the BJP across the country so whatever clarity is required in the party and outside, it will be done in the national executive of the party.

BJP National Executive on September 8-9; NRC and SC/ST to remain at centre stage

The party leaders feel that if any impact on the issue has to be made on people it is only possible by the intervention of the PM. So it will come directly from the PM's mouth and no one else. This could possibly be through his speech.

Party sources said that a resolution on this issues in also being planned by the party leadership in the national executive which will properly explain the matter.

But resolution will not be exactly termed as Dalit or SC/ST Act but as an issue of social justice in the national executive itself. The resolution will have overall solution to the problem.

A party leader said that the entire Monsoon session of Parliament was devoted to social justice so the intention of the BJP here will be to send across the message that people and political parties have been so far only talking about the social justice but the BJP has done something very solid.

The BJP has given it a constitutional structure whether it was constitutional status of National Commission of Backward Classes (NCBC) or restoring SC/ST Act or any other benefit to them.

The sources said that does not mean the issue issue of anger and unease among the upper caste will be ignored. This is also likely to be addressed and clarified by the PM that how the BJP will go about it. The PM is likely to come out with a clear line.

However, the one thing that is clear that the BJP will not take any step back on this issue. The party is clear on that let the leaders of the party say whatever they wished to say but the party is committed to justice and empowerment of Dalits which will be very clearly stressed in the NE.

Sources added that but this will also be told that upper caste need not fear about anything and even on this issue the PM might come out with some solution.

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