Petrol, diesel prices touch new high: These cities enjoy lowest fuel prices

New Delhi, Sep 15: Fuel prices across touched fresh highs in Mumbai on Saturday with petrol price being hiked by 34 paise to Rs 89.01/litre and diesel price by 25 paise to Rs 78.07/litre.

The prices of petrol and diesel touched a new high on Saturday with Mumbai paying the maximum among the four metros.

While petrol costs Rs 89.01 a litre in Mumbai , diesel is priced at RS 78.07 a litre according to the daily price notification issued by OMCs.

In Chennai, where the petrol prices are nearing Rs 85/litre-mark, the petrol price touched fresh highs at Rs 84.85/litre on September 15 after seeing a 36 paise hike. Similarly, diesel price was up 25 paise to Rs 77.74/litre.

Petrol is selling at Rs 83.49/litre in Kolkata after a 35 paise hike on Saturday. The cost of diesel increased by 3 paise to Rs 75.39/litre.

Global oil prices pulled back on Friday on concerns additional US tariffs would be placed on Chinese imports, after an earlier rally triggered by worries that more sanctions on Iran might constrict supply. Crude futures ended the week up more than 1.6 percent.

Fuel prices have been on a rise since mid-August, rising almost every day due to a combination of a drop in the dollar-rupee and rise in crude oil prices. The Opposition has been calling for a cut in excise duty to cushion the spike in fuel prices.

The cheapest petrol in state capitals:

Port Blair: Rs 69.97

Panjim: Rs 74.97

Itanagar: Rs 76.97

The cheapest diesel in state capitals

Port Blair: Rs 68.58

Itanagar: Rs 70.44

Aizawl: Rs 70.53

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