I raised money for Elgaar Parishad, not naxals says retired judge

Mumbai, Sep 8: Giving a fresh twist, a retired judge of the Bombay High Court said that the money to organise the Elgaar Parishad was solely raised by him and former judge, P B Sawant.

While refuting a naxal link to the event, the judge also said that the allegations that naxals had paid the money to instigate the Dalits is untrue. The December 2017 event was hosted by two retired judges, B G Kolse Patil and P B Sawant as convenors.

Patil said at a conference in Kolkata that the allegations that naxals had paid money for the event to instigate Dalits is untrue. He said at the conference on growing communalism and Hindutva forces that they were the main organisers of the event. There was no need to take money from Maoists.

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He further said that the names of Milind Ekbote and Sambhaji Bhide had cropped up. However the two prominent Hindu leaders have not been arrested, he added. Those who have been arrested are respected people associated with public works.

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