HDFC Bank VP murder: I killed him, had to clear my EMIs, arrested cabbie tells court

New Delhi, Sep 11: The arrested cabbie has told the police that he killed the HDFC Bank Vice President for money. He also said that he had no money to pay the EMIs for his bike and hence killed Siddharth Sanghvi for the money.

The cab driver, Sarfaraz Shaikh, who was arrested by the Mumbai police had initially said that he was hired to kill Sanghvi. He had also said that some of his colleagues were upset with his promotion and hence hired him to carry out the murder The police had however said that the cab driver was inconsistent in his replies.

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Shaikh said that he had kept a close watch on Sanghvi. I had no option and I was under immense pressure to clear the EMIs. Whatever happened, I did it, he also told the metropolitan magistrate.

Sanghvi, 39 had gone missing after leaving his office in the Kamala Mills compound, Mumbai on Wednesday. The next day his car with blood stains was found at Airoli in Navi Mumbai. A knife was also found at the spot.

The police say that Shaikh had killed Sanghvi on Wednesday itself and then dumped his body near a place called Haji Malang, some 40 kilometres away from Kalyan. The police are still looking into the CCTV footage captured by the police control rooms in Thane and Navi Mumbai. However nothing has emerged from it as yet. The other routes that were taken by the killer are now being scanned.

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Shaikh was arrested on the basis of technical evidence. The police managed to get the location of Shaikh as Saghvi's mobile was switched on for a few minutes on Wednesday. The phone was traced to Navi Mumbai. When Shaikh was arrested, the phone was found on him.

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