Family Of Fisherman Can’t Afford Expensive Bone Marrow Transplant For Daughter!

Two years ago we reached a point where suicide seemed the only option for all of us. Every day we kept sinking deeper and deeper into depression for not having enough money to get our daughter treated. She says, "Amma, why are you going around asking for money? It doesn't look nice." How can we tell her that we don't own enough to get her cured? It shreds our hearts to pieces. My daughter is suffering from Thalassemia major and needs an urgent Rs 9,40,000 (USD 14,462) for a bone marrow transplant.

Being the helpless mother of an ailing child tears me apart every day. I am Muthuvalli, and my 6-year-old daughter, Vinisri, has been suffering from the time she was born. She was diagnosed with Thalassemia major three months after her birth. Her temperature rose and the cold persisted so we took her to a local doctor in Karaikal. After which we've been to more than three hospitals from Karaikal all the way to Pondicherry and now even in Chennai. From the age of three months to this date, we travel back and forth for a few days every month for her blood transfusion. We are currently getting her blood transfused in VHS hospital in Chennai and her treatment will take place in Apollo hospital, Chennai.

My husband, Anbazhalagan, is a fisherman and is the only breadwinner of the family. Monthly income is about Rs 4,000 depending (USD 62) on the catches, and there is no other way of income. We do not have anything of value to sell and afford money for our daughter's treatment. Vinisri studies in class 1 in a government school. We have no other avenue left to arrange for Rs 9,40,000 (USD 14,462). We are asked to pay the amount as soon as possible to start the treatment. We truly need your help.

Children are the future of the nation. Only through them will we be able to build a society we foresee. So it's our responsibility to ensure that they have a good childhood and Vinisri is no exception. She deserves a better life. Any contribution from your side can help save this girl. Let's join hands to save her.

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