Defence Expo 2018: Committed to the growth of the domestic defence industry, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Defence Expo India 2018, an event to showcase the country's defence manufacturing capabilities in Thiruvidanthai, Chennai, on Thursday. The four-day exhibition showcases the strengths of India's defence public sector and uncover the country's growing private industry.

According to the Defence Ministry, over 670 defence firms, including 154 foreign manufacturers, are participating in the exhibition of weapons and military hardware. It is being attended by official delegations from over 47 countries, including the US, the UK, Russia, Afghanistan, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nepal, Portugal, Seychelles and Vietnam.

The weapons and platforms being displayed include the Tejas fighter jets, advanced towed artillery gun systems (ATAGS) designed by the DRDO Arjun Mark 2 tank and Dhanush artillery guns. The DRDO's exhibits include the Nirbhay missile system with launcher, autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (AUGV), MBT Arjun Mk-I tank, Astra missile, low-level transportable radar (LLTR) system, medium power radar (MPR) system and Varunastra -- heavyweight anti submarine electric torpedo. The exhibition is spread over an area of 2.90 lakh square feet.

Here are the highlights of the event

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