CCTV footage from Bengaluru Central Jail proves that Sasikala is a VIP prisoner

An undated footage from the Bengaluru Central Prison shows Sasikala Natarajan is indeed a VIP prisoner. The footage shows the disproportionate assets case convict dressed in mufti and holding a shopping bag.

The footage shows a woman jail staff accompanying Sasikala into the prison corridor from outside. Dressed in dark brown salwar kameez, Sasikala Natarajan is seen waving at the guard before chit chatting with another woman in a red saree accompanying her. The footage also shows Sasikala holding a bag that she tries to hide without realising that the entire scenario was being recorded on the footage. The authenticity of the video could not be verified independently.

The video proves that Sasikala Natarajan is being given special treatment inside the Bengaluru Central Jail as alleged by now transferred DIG Roopa D. For one, Sasikala is wearing casual clothes instead of the jail uniform, a white and blue saree. Sasikala has never been granted parole, at least not officially, but the footage shows Sasikala entering the corridor from outside with a bag in hand.

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The footage has been made public days after IPS officer D Roopa, in a report, alleged that special privileges including a special kitchen were being extended to Sasikala Natarajan and a few more high profile prisoners in the Bengaluru Central Prison. As if to prove the allegations, the video shows that unlike other prisoners, Sasikala is allowed privileges.

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