BJP’s 21-member booth committee to have five bikers and five members with smart phone

New Delhi, Sep 7: With Lok Sabha elections coming closure, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has set a target to constitute a 21-member committee at every booth in the country and in-charge of the booth committee will have a weekly meeting preferable at different places and different people. The party also plans to organise a big motorbike rally in February-march with around 5-7 lakh people participating in it in Uttar Pradesh.

The calendar of the programme has already been decided and handed over to the senior party leaders to implement them on the ground. Sources in the BJP said that the party asked by the senior party leadership that the 21-member committee must have a member from the Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribe, one from Other Backward Classes and if possible one from the minority committee. They also have to add five such people in the booth team having smart phones.

The in-charge of the committee has been asked to meet these member on tea every week. These members have been asked to invite people on this weekly meeting even the workers from the rival political parties should also be invited in these weekly meetings. They must be informed about the party programme and also encouraged to listen to the monthly broadcast programe Man Ki Bat.

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The party has also asked to make a team of the five bikers in every booth. Sources said that they will be riding through the city till the elections so a rider and pillion means 10 people will be constantly on road telling schemes of the BJP and if 1.5 lakh booths have this team then there will be an strength of 4.5 lakh bikers with nine lakh people.

Sources said that BJP plans to organisation a mega show in February-March of motorbike riders in which the PM too will participate in what format that is not yet clear. But with this planning the BJP wants to show that it still commands support of people.

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