Bhushan, Sinha and Shourie question the government on Rafale deal

New Delhi, Sep 11: Senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan has claimed that Rafale fighter jet scam is of such a big magnitude that no one can even imagine. Former Union minister Yashwant Sinha and journalist turned politician and Union minister Arun Shourie along with Bhushan have put the Modi government in dock on this issue by accusing the government of compromising with the national security.

Bhushan accused the government that with the help of offset deal Reliance Group led by Anil Ambani got Rs 21000 crore as commission. He has compared the kickback taken in the Bofors deal in 1980 with this Rafale deal. However, Ambani refused any kickback in this deal and had filed a defamation case of Rs 5000 crore against Rahul Gandhi when he accused Ambani of taking kickback in this deal. These leaders alleged that the BJP-led government had not only compromised with the national security to give contract to the company of Anil Ambani but had also left the Air Force in helpless state.

Bhushan said that Rafale deal is such a big scam that it can't be imagined. Bofors was Rs 64 crore scam in which there was 4 per cent commission while in this scam there was 30 per cent commission. Rs 21000 crore given to Ambani is simply a commission nothing else.

He questioned that Air Force needed 126 aircraft but how the demand was reduced and in the new deal why the sub clause of technology disappeared in it. Former Union finance minister Yashwant Sinha said that proper procedure was not followed in this deal and everyone in the government quoting different rate causes suspicion in the minds of the people. Arun Shourie too questioned the deal on many counts.

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