Beware users, this WhatsApp Gold update message is a hoax as its a malware!

Bengaluru, Jan 7: WhatsApp users beware! An old scam called 'WhatsApp Gold' has once again made it back on WhatsApp through a message circulating online.

It reads: "If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out tomorrow from WhatsApp called martinelli do not open it, it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word."

It adds: "If you receive a message to update the Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold, do not click !!!!! "Now said on the news this virus is difficult and severe. Pass it on to all."

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Though this message sounds like a Public Service Announcement (PSA), it is likely to be a Trojan technique to gain the confidence of the user and then later release malware in a benevolent-looking message.

WhatsApp never releases an update via a message. It can only be updated on Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS devices. If you are enabled automatic updates for WhatsApp, then it will automatically install whenever the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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