Ambrish Parajiya: India Recreates History By “Creating” A Man-Made River in Dholera SIR

At present, there is a river in India whose naming is yet to be done.

In Indian History, it is believed that Maharshi Bhagirath had performed the holy task of bringing the Ganga River from heaven to earth. Today, Mr. Narendra Modi has done a similar work of shaping an artificial/Man-Made river in greenfield smart city Dholera after successfully recreating exiting Sabarmati river with World class riverfront.

2021 is the year of appearance for this river, and water from last month's rain accumulates. Mr. Narendra Modi has achieved this unbelievable milestone amidst a global pandemic where the world's superpowers, including China, America, and Britain, are facing a negative GDP growth.

The then chief minister of Gujarat, and current prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, has laid the foundation to build the world's largest greenfield smart city along the lines of Dubai and Singapore. But the people belonging from Bhal Pradesh, Gujarat, are well aware of the fact that the region has been facing a shortage of fresh water for decades.

The geographical scenario of the Dholera region raises the question of the availability of enough drinking water for the people because water is the essential element for the survival of human beings. Also, it is an undeniable fact that the biggest cities in the world are situated alongside rivers. Thus, a man-made river was a necessary part of this ambitious project. This river will be reinforced with the following development projects as well

The first 25 Sq. Km phase of Dholera smart city is ready; it contains an artificial river that is 15 kilometers long and 110 meters wide, 15 ft Deep similar to the one present in Dubai and Shanghai city in China. Apart of them 3 more Crick/river/water body will create phase wise inside of Dholera SIR Smart City.

At present, there are 6 new bridges and Marine Garden is constructed at the banks of the river. Rainwater stored in the bridge will be useful for the whole city for years.

72 kilometers roads with plug-and-play infrastructure is being built that wouldn't need any further improvements for the next 50 years.
Under the road network, there's an availability of cutting-edge electricity, internet, water, drainage, and gas lines. On top of that, there's an ICT Duct built parallelly with store line tunnel where rainwater can be stored. This water will be collected in the artificial river. After Water treatment plant, it will be supplied to the colonies for daily use.

It is considered that world's most efficient water treatment plant is in Singapore, with a water loss of 7%. Here at Dholera it's only 5% water loss, thus considered the most efficient water treatment plant in the world.

Our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi holds the record of outstanding work achievements. Some of them include the tallest statue, longest tunnel, longest express, Highest rail bridge, highways, fast-moving economy, fastest digital transaction service, fastest railway network, world's biggest cricket stadium, or biggest global smart city like Dholera, because He thinks big and makes the dreams possible.!

"This river is the incarnation of the new India's spirit. We are transforming from a nation that was struggling from the post-colonial era issues to a modern country that leverages technology and good governance for enriching human lives. This river is going to become a source of ever flowing inspiration for Indians as they continue to work hard for achieving the ideals this nation stands for." states Ambrish Parajiya, Director at Gap Associates.

The yet-to-be named river will offer great utility to the residents of smart city Dholera but it will also serve as a monument to India's future. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on world's first global smart city Dholera SIR

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