AAP too joins Bharat Bandh bandwagon; no impact in the NCR region

New Delhi, Sep 10: Except some parts of Delhi, Bharat Bandh seems to be ineffective in states bordering or close to Delhi like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana where there is the Bharatiya Janata Party government. Even the schools remained open in these states. But in a change of strategy the Aam Aadmi Party joined the Bharat Bandh call despite announcing not to support it last evening.

AAP MLA Sourabh Bharadwaj had said that the BJP is just taking the Congress policies forward so it will not support Bandh. But in a second thought by the party most of its leaders were found to be on road but Band remained ineffective in these areas.

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Schools, colleges, offices, public transport remained open in Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana, Delhi remained open even the neighbouring districts close to Delhi like Ghaziabad, Gautham Buddha Nagar, Faridabad, Gurugram that is called National Capital Region (NCR) Bandh remained more or less ineffective due the BJP being in power in the state.

In Delhi AAP leader and MP Sanjay Singh joined the protest at Raj Ghat while Atishi was present at Jantar Mantar. Many other leaders were seen joining the protest in different part of the state. The Congress has been successful to bring leaders of the different political parties on one platform where party president attacked policy of the Centre. The Bharat bandh called by Congress was from 9 Am in the morning to 3 PM.

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