9-Year-Old Sai’s Battle To Get His Kidney Transplant

"Sai Prakash was always a very active baby. He was a delight to be around, with his lively giggles and playful screams," says the 9-year-old boy's mother Durgadevi. "Our lives changed within seconds when one day, my 4-year-old Sai, collapsed with violent seizures. We rushed him to the hospital and discovered that he was suffering from a severe kidney disease."

Since then, it has been an ordeal for Sai's parents to buy his medicines and take him for routine check-ups to the hospital. "Earlier, he used to violently protest when he saw an injection. But now, he has submitted to the painful process and doesn't even make a sound anymore. It's heartbreaking to watch."

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One day, Sai returned from school earlier than expected, complaining of an excruciating chest pain and breathlessness. He was weak and had swollen feet. Upon being rushed to the hospital, it was discovered that the boy's kidney had failed.

"The doctors told us that a kidney transplant was the only solution. The surgery would cost us Rs. 15 lLakhs, and we are trying to come to terms with this shocking figure." Sai's mother is a homemaker and her husband Jaiprakash works as a cable operator in a local agency, with a monthly income of a mere Rs. 10,000.

"We couldn't keep him admitted at the hospital as we didn't have enough funds. We have already borrowed Rs. 5 lLakhs for Sai's treatment till now."

Despite being bedridden, the 9-year-old tries to help out his parents in whichever way he can. "There are times when both, my husband and I are out of the house. Sai fills in for us and takes care of his younger brother. I can't help but feel guilty, having to rely on my sick son to do this. But what other option do we have?"

Because of his young age, Sai is not able to comprehend how serious his health is. He keeps telling his parents that he will start preparing for his exams soon. "He used to love going to school and his biggest worry is that he won't be able to go to school on the day of his examination. He fails to understand that his health is of utmost importance." Sai's parents have started a fundraiser for Rs. 15 Lakhs, for their son's kidney transplant surgery.

Let's join hands in helping and serving humanity. Even a small contribution from your end can make a huge difference in the Sai's life. You can help them by donating to the fundraiser and by sharing their story amongst your family and friends. Any donation from you can help Sai's parents in a big way.

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