8-Year-Old Ebenezer Needs Your Help To Survive

The memories of Ebenezer and I playing football in front of the house flashes through my mind. The smiles, the laughs, I miss them all. I yearn to hear his voice again, to speak to him like before. It wrenches my heart to see him like this. Our lives have changed since his diagnosis and all we want is for our son to be normal again. I need Rs 8 Lakh urgently to continue his radiation therapy.

I am Stephen from Chennai, father of Ebenezer Immanuel. My eight-year-old son has been diagnosed with Pontine Glioma, which the doctors say is incurable. They are striving to save my son and improve his quality of life. Ebenezer suffered from a severe headache this year in April and the local doctor referred to another hospital for further diagnosis.

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We took him to various hospitals including the Hindu Mission Hospital, Grace Multi-speciality hospital, and it was in SRM hospital that his scan was taken and he was diagnosed with a tumour in the brain. By the time we took him to Apollo hospital for radiation, his left limbs ceased to work, his speech stopped, and he then went into unconsciousness.

We panicked and rushed him to Apollo where they immediately put him on the ventilator as his breathing was very low. He got a little better and was discharged after a few weeks. Within 10 days of discharge, again his condition worsened as he didn't open his eyes, so we rushed him to Kanchi Kamakoti Hospital. He's currently undergoing radiation therapy.

Our house is miles away from the hospital; so we have set up base there and this hospital has become our home. We have no income for now. I was unable to go to work for the past three months as it requires at least two people to take care of my son. I was a manager at an automobile company and my wife is a homemaker.

'Donate now to Save Ebenezer's Life'

With great difficulty, we arranged for Rs 11 Lakh (USD 16,900) in the past months with the help of our relatives and friends. We urgently need to arrange for Rs 8 Lakh (USD 12,300) for his further treatment and see no other avenue left open to arrange for funds. Please help us it's a sincere request.

Let's join hands to help Ebenezer. Even though his condition is not curable, a small contribution from our end will help the child lead a better life. Please help Stephen to improve the quality of his son's life.

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