7th Pay Commission: The government has assured nothing, but there is some good news

New Delhi, Feb 13: There has been both good and bad news in the past few days where the 7th Pay Commission is concerned.

A meeting of the members of the National Joint Council of Action and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was expected to bring about some cheer for the Central Government employees who have been demanding a hike in their basic minimum pay.

7th Pay Commission: No hike in basic minimum pay, but DA could be increased

While the NJCA said that they were positive that some good news would come out, the fact is that government has made no assurance. A source informed OneIndia that the government only said that they were sensitive to the demands and the same would be looked into.

However the source also added that there could be some good news as the Cabinet could announce a hike in the Dearness Allowance. With no news on the pay hike, the rise in DA could come as some sort of comfort for the CG employees.

There has however been good news on another front. The Centre has increased the monetary limit on disclosure of investment in shares and mutual funds by employees to six months of their basic pay.

As per the 1992 rule, disclosure of details related to transactions in shares, mutual fund schemes or securities exceeding Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 during a calendar year was mandatory for Group A-B officers and Group C-D employees. Now the employees would need to send an intimation if the total transactions exceed six months of basic pay during the calendar year.

7th Pay Commission: What is delaying the pay hike and what CG employees can expect

While these are small sops that the government is doling out, the CG employees feel that their problems would be addressed only if the basic minimum pay is increased. However, sources confirmed that the bigger possibility for now would be a DA hike. The Centre is not in a position to apply any more pressure on the exchequer as of now. This means that the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission which fixed the basic minimum pay at Rs 18,000 would stay for sometime more.

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