7th Pay Commission: Restlessness brewing, will All India Protest Day be a game changer

New Delhi, Sep 18: With no good news coming out of the 7th Pay Commission, the patience levels are running out.

While in Rajasthan state government employees have intensified their protests, the same can be seen from the Central Government employees who will observe September 19 as 'All India Protest Day."

7th Pay Commission latest news: Why govt may change its mind after September 19

In Rajasthan nearly 4,500 buses stayed off the roads and the employees hit the streets over various demands including the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission.

Kishan Singh Rathore, the general secretary of the Rajasthan Roadways Workers' Union said that the unions have called for a one day strike, but it will be extended if the demands are not met.

The Rajasthan government had earlier increased its employees' Dearness Allowance by 2 per cent taking it to 9 per cent at par with the CG employees from July 1 2018.

September 19 would be a crucial day and it is to be seen if the Union Government would act on the demands of its employees who have sought a hike beyond what the 7th Pay Commission had recommended. The pay hike of Rs 18,000 that had been recommended has not helped the CG employees and they have been demanding at least Rs 26,000.

7th Pay Commission latest news and updates: Smiles in this troubled state

If the government takes into account the protest that is set to start from September 19 onwards, then there is a chance that the salaries may be hiked to Rs 21,000.

Sources tell OneIndia that they are not taking this issue lightly. There would be deliberations, but not immediately. The government is seized of the matter and would look into the grievances. We understand that the 7th Pay Commission has not brought about any good news and the demands of the CG employees will have to be met, the officer also said.

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