7th Pay Commission latest news and updates: As hopes die, CG employees to hit the roads

New Delhi, Sep 11: When it comes to the 7th Pay Commission, there is disappointment, despair, desperation. However for the Central Government employees there is also hope.

While the salary hike as per the recommendations of the pay panel did increase the salaries to Rs 18,000 a large section of CG employees felt that this was not enough. The demand currently is an increase of up to Rs 26,000.

7th Pay Commission latest news and updates: Excellent news, salary increase for 32 months

However if one goes by the trend, several BJP ruled states have implemented the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. If one were to go by this trend, then there is no reason, why even the CG employees should not get a hike in salaries.

Take the cases of Madhya Pradesh, Tripura and Maharashtra for instance. All these states have announced sops following the recommendations of the pay panel. Madhya Pradesh in fact announced the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission from January 1 2016. This would mean that the employees would arrears for 32 months as well.

Meanwhile a resolution has been passed against the government's failure to fulfil its assurances. The resolution states, " as decided by the NJCA, the affiliates are directed to hold mass rallies/demonstrations protesting against Government failure to implement its assurances on revision of minimum wage, improvement of fitment formula and abolition of National Pension System (NPS). Other pending issues related to railway employees may also be highlighted during protest actions. Affiliates may take note that "September 2018" should be treated as PROTEST MONTH by organising different forms of protest actions at all levels i.e. Depots, Establishments, Workshops, Major Stations etc."

7th Pay Commission: Good news, the wait is finally over for these employees

"All India Protest Day" should be observed on 19th September 2018 and on the said date the affiliates should mobilise employees in large number along with those of Central Government Employees Organisations and hold massive rallies/demonstrations. The members of INDWF and FNPO should also be made part of agitation wherever possible."

This resolution clearly indicates the frustration of the CG employees over the government's inaction over the 7th Pay Commission. The protests could change the stand of the government and things in this regard may get moving soon.

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