Clear picture of proposed federal front after Lok Sabha polls: Rama Rao

Hyderabad, Mar 11: A clear picture of the proposed 'non-BJP, non-Congress Federal Front' being mooted by Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will emerge after the general election results are out on May 23, TRS working president K T Rama Rao said Monday.

Thanking the Election Commission (EC) for scheduling the elections in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on the same day, he said the possibility of duplication of votes will be eliminated. He said the chief minister had travelled to five or six states and held preliminary discussions with a number of leaders.

"We have exchanged ideas, we have exchanged opinions... beyond May 23, 2019, a clearer picture would emerge on how this (Federal Front) can shape up," the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) leader said.

"Because our belief is that NDA in this election will possibly not cross between all of them together 160 or 170," he said.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) might end up with 140 or 150 seats and all of its allies put together would contribute another 20 or 30, he claimed, adding that the NDA would all short of the magical figure of 272 by at least 100 seats.

There are several parties who maintained equidistance from both the BJP and the Congress and the combination of these parties will decide the fate of the country, he said further.

"Our agenda is to bring together like-minded parties which are (affiliated to) neither NDA nor UPA. It is not dislodging somebody and hoisting somebody in Delhi," he said.

"Even if we end up as a group with about 75 to 100 seats, this block might end up controlling or deciding who will get to hoist the national flag or unfurl national flag at Red Fort," he added.

Replying to a query on why Pawan Kalyan-led Jana Sena was not approached to be part of the proposed Federal Front, Rao said they would assess the situation only after the poll results are announced.

Rao said the TRS was ready to face elections. "I am glad that they have combined the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana polls in one phase. Because last time, the complaint of duplication of votes came up," he said.

"People who voted in Telangana also ended up voting in Andhra Pradesh because that was held in another phase," he added. Polls for the 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana and 25 in Andhra Pradesh will be held on April 11.


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