This cute squad is returning home from the doctor… OMG! They are so adorable

The cute squad is returning home after having their first veterinary examination. They are 13 in number and all of them are packed on the back of the family car before they head home. A video with cuteness overloaded.

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These puppies are from a Maremma and a Bernese Mountain Dog and they are gentle and playful like their parents who are youthful and energetic. The furry babies are administered their first vaccinations and they are called one by one. They cooperate with the doctor like true gentlemen, playing and sleeping and wagging their little tails in between. The doctor gets into the car to catch their attention as the others fit them in the car booty, taking care that the door doesn't slam on any of the cute puppies and hurt them.

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Credit: WildCreatures; Published on Rumble

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