Sleepy schoolboy picks this object thinking it to be his schoolbag… hilarious

When we suddenly wake up from sleep, our brain doesn't kick-start at once and that is evident in this video when a schoolboy mistakes a chair for his schoolbag!

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In the hilarious CCTV footage from a kindergarten school in the Philippines' Cavite, in August end, Dean Lewis Pagtakhan, aged four, is seen napping after a tiring day. One of his teachers starts packing his books as the school hour ends at which Dean suddenly wakes up.

Still not out of his sleepy nerves, the youngster gets up from his seat and starts marching at once, picking up a plastic chair lying on his side as his schoolbag. He puts his hands through the chair holes and his act leaves everyone present in the room in splits. The teacher who was packing little Dean's bag shoots his act in her mobile phone.

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What was more bizarre is the reaction by Dean's grandmother Agnes who also recorded the video. She said the child fell asleep because he had taken his lunch with his pregnant aunt that day.

That too is funny but we prefer to laugh more at the adorable child's act in the classroom.

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Credit: Newsflare; Published on Rumble

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