Big wibbly-wobbly plane makes nervous landing in strong wind

Air travelling in inclement weather is not a very happy experience, especially for the pilots who have so many lives depending on them for their well-being.

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Here is a video which shows a big KLM Embraer 190 aeroplane making a far-from-smooth landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, thanks to stormy conditions.

The plane is seen losing its balance as it is pushed by the strong wind and the pilots manage to somehow keep it straight with its wheels taking turns to touch the runway. The technique is called 'crosswind landing' and it only the trained and experienced pilots can pull them off with ease. For nervous flyers, that is not the best experience to have.

The blue plane, rocked by the gusty weather, pivots sideways and after its back wheels land, manages to bring its nose closer to earth as well. The person filming the video can't hold himself from interjecting: "wow!"

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A delight for any aviation lover though.

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Credit: pendragon27; Published on Rumble

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