This challenged man wanted to do something that requires arms & he is doing it in style!

Twenty-eight-year-old Govind Kharol has been bullied throughout his childhood for being born without proper arms. The man from Fatehpura, Jaipur, Rajhasthan, always had a passion for photography and despite meeting hardships, he never gave up his dream of becoming a photographer. He is an accomplished documentary filmmaker now and has made at least 10 documentaries in four years.

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"Never go by what people say about your possibilities of success. Live your own dream and listen to your own heart. Challenges will anyhow be there," said the man who also loves cycling and travelled all the way from Jaipur to Bengaluru , separated by a distance of over 2,000 kilometres.

Credit: By Taniya Dutta; Caters_News; Published on Rumble

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