Why this cricketer could inspire us even more than Sachin Tendulkar

We have heard about Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi playing cricket with one eye after he lost another in an accident. Playing with one eye is immensely challenging but Pataudi still made it look fine and continued with the game. If Pataudi's story is one that amazed us, here is video that shows a man who plays cricket with just one leg!

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Meet Shabir Ahmed Bhat, a 35-year-old cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir who loves the game so much that he doesn't care that he has only one leg to play it. Banking on a crutch, Bhat does everything on the ground - batting, bowling and fielding. And guess what? Despite being challenged, he plays with the clutch with able-bodied cricketers and in local tournaments in the state quite frequently.

Bhat lost one of his legs as a baby but that never marred his spirit to become a cricketer.

Nothing is impossible indeed if you have the passion. He has been playing with the clutch for two decades now.

By Bilal Kuchay after Credit: Caters_News; Published on Rumble

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