Man gives world’s most unique swimsuit to his partner

Some pranksters have the ability to produce the most bizarre of surprises. Here is a man named Reuben who plays the ultimate prank on his girlfriend Rebekah and the act really leaves us stunned, and also in splits.

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What did Reuben do? Well, what he did was simple: Planted his own face and bare bottom on her swimming costumes. The fun-loving couple from Milton Keynes, England, were spending their vacation at Zakynthos, Greece, in late August when Reuben had the naughty idea and he implemented it with such precision.

He first does away with all of his partner's swimming costumes as she prepared for the holiday and then offered her the customised costume with his face printed on the front and his bare back behind.

He then tells his girlfriend that the attire she will be wearing is unique as nobody else will be having it.

"Who the hell else would want a swimming costume with your face on it ... and arse?" shoots back Rebekah.

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She nevertheless sports the bizarre swimming costume on the beach in the video.

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Credit: Newsflare; Published on Rumble

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