This kid is a rockstar and a crowd puller too! Watch his moves

This little kid in the video is making a family outing a complete fanfare by showing his hip-twisting skills to music and the people around him love it. He has all the talent to become an accomplished dancer when he grows up.

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This video was taken during the Shakin'Da Lake boat race at the Rocks Pond Campground, South Carolina, USA, in June this year. Lots of participants from not only the USA but outside also join this annual event and enjoy it at the peaceful venue of Eutawville to the hilt.

The event is organised to honour a man called Steve Fogle.

In an electric atmosphere, the kid starts dancing like a rockstar and all, including his family, are ecstatic to see his moves. His mother standing by him is seen cheering him and dancing too. His father is enjoying as well. The parents were surely too proud to see their little son doing what he is doing.

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Keep dancing kiddo! You have a great future ahead.

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Credit: ViralHog; Published in Rumble

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