Not air or road but these firefighters take a special route to tame the California blaze

Forest fires are one of the biggest challenges for the firefighters. It's challenging not only because it spreads fast and engulfs a wide area in no time but also because it becomes difficult to approach them through land routes.

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In the video above, a group of firefighters are seen aboard a train which moves in the Shasta County in California to contain the Delta Fire by spraying water on the forests along the tracks. The Sacramento River is seen flowing by the side. The Delta Fire turned threatening and officials closed sections of the local highway traffic in both directions and warned the residents in the area that the fire posed a risk. Here, firefighters are seen spraying water from hoses and water tanks fitted in the train on both sides while one can see a blaze at a distance. Delta fire was burning over 40,000 acres on September 9 and a very few portion of it could be contained.

Credit: Dan Ryant via Storyful; Published on Rumble

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