Kitchen camera meant for spotting thief catches an insider stealing food!

Brian Poynor installed a camera in his house kitchen to catch hold of burglars sneaking in. But the camera caught somebody else making stealthy moves in the kitchen and it is too funny.

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The family German Shepherd enters the kitchen and has no idea that a camera is fully observing him. The animal's excellent sniffing power gives him the news that there is freshly prepared peanut butter fudge in the kitchen. He finds the tray with the snack under a tin foil and after removing the foil, slowly but surely eats up the peanut butter and then overdoes to bring the entire tray down on to the floor from the raised platform and breaking it into pieces. Towards the end of the video, it is seen that one of the dog's owners coming out to see what the noise was. The culprit, in the meantime, walks away innocently thinking nobody could understand what it did.

Credit: Brian Poynor via Storyful; Published on Rumble

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