This 10-year-old girl has done something that most people at her age only dream about

Lola House is just 10 but in her short life so far, the schoolgirl has already accomplished something which most of her peers would only dream about.

Recently, Lola, who resides with her family in Poole, Dorset, England, successfully climbed 15 peaks of the Welsh 3000s Challenge in less than 22 hours.

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Lola, who was on a mountaineering mission with her father Gary House, camped out on the summit of Snowden, scaled a height of above 3,000 feet and climbed over a lakh steps, according to However, a terrible storm came on the second day, putting their mission under threat. But the duo went on despite the threat and stopped only after scaling the 15th peak in one go.

Lola now has her eyes set on fulfilling the Ben Navis challenge and completing the Three Peaks Challenge.

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Credit: By Amy Farnworth; Caters_News; Published on Rumble

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