This little girl is in tears and the reason will make you LoL

Children can be really strange and funny as well. Here a girl called Bella who is terribly upset to see her younger brother getting a haircut - his first one ever. Bells is so hurt to see his brother losing his curls that she eventually cries at the saloon, making her mom say: "You are strange."

This is an extremely emotional moment in the life of this 4-year-old girl

Bella protested against the act all the way down to the hairdresser even as her mother kept on assuring her that it won't be any earth-shattering thing to happen.

She also doesn't understand why we all have to grow up (as hair, as human beings), asking her mother why it is so when she told her about the universal rule.

We bet a million if you can pronounce this kid's name... Crssh!

Quite a cute video for sure.

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Credit: Newsflare; Published on Rumble

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