Activity Duration: 1st May-30th May, 2011

Description: It was a branding campaign where SBI was trying to convey the message of? Banker to Every Indian by reaching all class of people.

Solution: We have suggested them to run vernacular banners on our vernacular websites to better connect with the people of different regions.

English Banners: They were running their English banners on various section of our English website like News section to reach out serious people & working professionals, Entertainment section to reach youths & Lifestyle section to reach females.

Vernacular Banners: They were also running their vernacular banners on various sections of our vernacular sites like Hindi banners on Hindi version of our website, Tamil banners on Tamil version of our website & Kannada banners on Kannada version of our website. Etc. They got better CTR on vernacular banners than regular English banners.

Result: The overall response to vernacular banners was 30% more than regular English banners & it helped us to get Google Chrome & Odyssey on Board.