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Business Opportunities
  • Enquiries from content providers.
    For all enquiries related to Content Partnerships,
    please send e-mail to: inquiries@oneindia.co.in
    Or, call +91-80-6715 0800 or Fax +91-80-6715 0801

  • Advertising
    For all enquiries related to advertising on oneindia, please contact:
    Bangalore Amit Kumar +91 93793 96513 amit.kumar@oneindia.co.in
  • For all inquiries related to Programmatic/Network Monetization, please contact:
    Global Syed Ali +91 99458 32175 syed.ali@oneindia.co.in
    Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/eBPJ7vqFN05F
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