Female graduates in Shanghai terrified of becoming "3S ladies"

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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New Delhi, Aug 20 (ANI): A survey has revealed that female university graduates in Shanghai are terrified of being classed as a "3S lady".

The term "3S lady" defines an independent and educated woman born in the 70s who is still single, China Daily reported.

The survey, carried out by the journalism school at Fudan University, showed that from the 900 female university graduates from 17 universities, over 70 percent respondents feared they would become "3S ladies".

They believe that the failure of the "3S ladies" to find a partner is either due to their limited social network or their strong personality, or because they are too busy to date or are more capable than their male counterparts.

"3S ladies often value career success above their personal lives," Liao Shengqing, head of the communication department in the journalism school at Fudan University, said.

"Their personal excellence and high standards leave them in a catch-22 situation in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, which weakens their chance of finding potential husbands," Shengqing stated.

For "3S ladies" who have failed to find companions, being single involves the contradictory feelings of being free, though lonely at times, especially when their female friends go on dates, get married and have families.

As women tend to become successful in their careers earlier than men, Liao said he was unable to see an end to the plight of "3S ladies". (ANI)

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